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Adeline Knot Pearl Earrings

Adeline Knot Pearl Earrings

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These Adeline Knot Pearl Earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Crafted from 18ct gold plated and Swarovski pearls, they provide a fashionable yet subtle statement. Thanks to their simple knot shape, they are stylish yet easy to wear.

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- 18ct Gold Plated on Brass 

- Swarovski Pearls 


- 2cmX2cm 


All of our products are made of 18K gold plated or white gold plated on Brass. Our gold plating thickness is more than 2.5 microns which means our products can last for years.You get the look & feel of gold jewellery without a hefty price tag. We also use natural pearls and faux pearls. High quality faux pearls are not cheaper than natural ones, we use them to satisfy certain designs that natural pearls can't do.

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We love the earth and are responsible for the enviroment we live in. This is why we sourced the most reliable factories to make everything we need for our packages. They are 100% eco friendly and fully recycable.

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